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Fender FSR Blues Jr IV "LA Vice"



A classic Fender amp in a killer new color? You got it. Our best-selling combos with alternate speakers? This is it. This is what happens when we stop saying “What if?”, start saying “What can be” and leave the rest to you.

Limited Edition amplifiers are uncommon amps for uncommon players. They’re special-run versions of your favorite tone machines, marked by non-standard touches inside and out.

What does it mean for your amp to wear a Limited Edition badge? It’s an emblem of classic sound in rare form, an collectible amplifier that will never be everywhere, all the time. You may spy them only in certain regions. They may only be available from certain dealers. And though the Fender sound is timeless, Limited Edition amps always come and go. So seize the tone while you can.


From time to time, we like to think outside the box. Enter Limited Edition, our collection of fixed-quantity amplifiers that’s designed to be different. Looking for your favorite classic amplifier in a bold, unique finish? It could happen. Craving a vintage amp with some supercharged, specially designed speakers? It’s possible. For the Fender amp enthusiast who has everything, Limited Edition amps are the exception.

When it comes to Limited Edition, we never draw the line. We cross it, and when these amps are gone, they're gone for good. Seize the opportunity to own a rare piece of Fender history—before it passes you by.


  • Amplifier Type: Tube
  • Covering/Grille Cloth: Pink/Foam Green covering and Black grille cloth
  • Unique FSR Features: Pink/Foam Green covering and Black grille cloth, an Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker and a “Limited Edition” FSR badge.

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