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Used Fender Katana Black w/ Hardshell Case 1985-1986


You are looking at a unique piece of Fender history here.  The Fender Katana is a very rare instrument to find all in one piece.  This one has it all.  All parts are present and accounted for.  The neck on this instrument is virtually unplayed!  The neck is straight and the action is nice and low.  The frets have no wear and the back of the neck is perfect.  No dings, dents or missing paint.  The electronics are clean and sound awesome.  The instrument has a great balance and the weight is ideal.   The body is in overall very good condition.  There front of the guitar has two significant dings- one on the from the about 4 inches from the bridge (pictured).  The second is near the upper corner, (pictured).  The corner with the stripe has more damage and missing paint (pictured).  The back has three dings in a row (pictured).  There is also dings on both corners.  There a couple "dimples" on the instrument that can be seen when moving in the light, not missing any paint however.  The headstock does have a couple dings as well, see photos.  The bridge does have some minor foil peeling on one of the bridge screws.  The guitar does have some fine finish scratches throughout.  The factory case is VERY clean and fits perfect.

This is an amazing example of these very collectible instrument.

Weighs in at 7 lbs 5.0 oz.

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