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Analog Man

Used Analog Man Bad Bob Boost Pedal


Functions as it should and is in great condition. Comes with original box.

From Analog Man :

Analog Man Bad Bob Booster Originally built by Robbie Wallace - RGW Electronics

In 2010 Analog Man started making this pedal ourselves. They have been available with hand stamped graphics like our switch boxes until late 2013 when we came up with nice graphics like the original, but in heavy duty epoxy ink instead of a fragile sticker. In June of 2017, we made the logo full color, adding red like Robbie's original!

The Bad Bob pedal is a booster based on the famous and much copied mini-booster "JFET mu-amp" design of Jack Orman. This design was also used as the basis for most other boutique boost pedals.

It is a class A booster that is capable of driving your favorite tube amp into tonal nirvana! With well over 20dB of gain, the Bad Bob fattens up even the cleanest high powered tube amp.

Do you use a lower wattage amp already on the verge of breaking up? The Bad Bob pushes it over the edge to obtain rich sustain.

Do you like a vintage or modern 30 Watt Class A tube amp cranked to the hilt? If so you will love the Bad Bob...


Here are some of the features:

  • Cast aluminum enclosure with baked-on silver hammertone finish.
  • Metal Switchcraft 1/4" input and output jacks.
  • High quality double sided PC Board.
  • True bypass switching with special wiring to minimize external noise.
  • LED indicator.
  • 2.1mm DC power jack for use with most standard regulated 9VDC adaptors (Boss PSA-120 or Voodoo Labs PP2 recommended).
  • Low power consumption! Under 1mA when off, under 3mA when on, no IC chips, so battery will last a LONG time.
  • Capable of running at up to 18VDC for a cleaner, punchier tone with more headroom!!
  • Awesome after fuzz pedals to add more focus and cut
  • Awesome after tube screamer type pedals, brings some low end back.

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