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Used DOD Grunge FX69


What else can you ask for in a pedal? You get a butt and a face knob! Did you ever want to sound just like Kurt? All you need to do now is add this to your cart and grab it. It's in great condition besides it missing the battery cover. Just a heads up also if you want to power it without a battery you have to get an old school 3.5mm adapter to make it work with modern 9 volt power supplies.

The Grunge pedal had irresistible charm for any ’90s kid wanting to sound like Kurt Cobain (and let’s be honest: who didn’t?) Its control knobs didn't use annoying adult labels like Volume, Tone, or Distortion. Instead, it spoke its own language. Loud, Butt, Face, and Grunge is what it chose to say, perfectly expressing the angsty late-night MTV emotion of an era. 

DOD is traditionally known for their plain-Jane aesthetic, using real, simple colors and normal fonts with typical knob controls such as level, tone, and distortion. But the Grunge threw any preconceived notions about pedal aesthetics out the window -- and, keeping in the spirit of the series, probably broke the window just for kicks. 

The Grunge featured a multicolor airbrushed enclosure, crazy graphics, and knob controls that didn’t immediately make much sense: what was butt? What was face? What did the grunge knob actually do? Whereas the typical DOD pedal operated like a tried-and-true family van, the Grunge functioned more like a sports car with flames painted on the side: it would probably get you to the same location in the end, but the journey would be...different.

The only thing that could amp up its popularity even more? Product placement by the great Kurt Cobain. Cobain got the Grunge pedal and put it on his board primarily out of fascination that there was a pedal that said ‘grunge,’ since Nirvana was the ultimate grunge band. 

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