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Used Fender Modern Player Marauder Black


This one came in via collector.  The guitar is in overall Very Good condition.  The neck is straight, truss rod works and the action is very playable.  The neck is free of dings or dents and the frets are clean with plenty of life left in them.   The electronics are clean and have nice tonal variation with the pickup options.  The body does have a couple of dings but none with missing paint.  We have photo'd them but some of the smaller dimples don't photo well.  It comes with the trem arm but is missing the backplate.  

Weighs in at 7 lbs 4.8 oz.

The Fender Modern Player Marauder heralds the encore of a near-mythical guitar of the '60s. If you're looking for a distinctive Fender, the Marauder is it. You get a comfortable offset-waist body, a fast C-shaped neck capped with a 9.5"-radius rosewood 'board and jumbo frets, and a vintage-style trem. The electronics are the kicker: a Jazzmaster pickup in the neck position serves up sweet single-coil chime, while a Fender Triplebucker at the bridge (yes, it's got three coils) spews out a pyroclastic surge of white-hot molten tone.

Fender Modern Player Marauder at a Glance:
  • Unique body
  • Unique electronics
  • Unique value
Unique body

The Modern Player Marauder has an offset-waist contoured body. There's something incredibly playable about Fender's offset-waist instruments (Jaguar, Jazzmaster, and of course, the Jazz Bass). First of all, when seated with the guitar on your right thigh (if you're a righty), the design shifts the business end of the axe over to the left, so you're addressing the instrument pretty much straight-on. And playing in a standing position, you get the same comfortable playability. Our spines are forever indebted to Leo Fender for this slick innovation.

Unique electronics

The Fender Modern Player Marauder has to have the most unusual electronics we've seen in a long while. For rhythm work, nothing beats a single-coil in the neck position. In the Marauder, a Jazzmaster pickup handles these duties flawlessly, giving you chimey spank and sparkle that's warmer than a Strat, but without any loss of clarity. For take-no-prisoners lead tone, Fender's stationed a rare beast at the bridge. The Fender Triplebucker is a pit bull of a pickup. With three coils, you get thick, snarling output that's probably illegal in several states. A 5-way blade situated in the lower bout serves up the expected pickup combinations (including a drop-dead gorgeous 50/50 blend), plus a couple of very tasty coil-splits. Fender's Modern Player Marauder is a serious tone machine. And so affordable!

Unique value

It's hard to think of the Fender Modern Player Marauder as an "entry-level" instrument. Throughout its history, Fender has always made a point of welcoming new players to the fold by offering high-quality, affordable entry-level instruments such as the Duo-Sonic, Mustang and Musicmaster - all with beaucoup style, great tone, and awesome playability. The Modern Player series continues this great tradition, giving you modern features and fresh, unconventional takes on selected classic Fender instruments.

Fender Modern Player Marauder Features:
  • A truly distinctive, great-sounding Fender
  • Body Material: Koto
  • C-shape maple neck, gloss polyester finish
  • Rosewood fingerboard with 9.5" radius and 22 jumbo frets
  • Bridge Pickup: Fender Triplebucker humbucker
  • Neck Pickup: Modern Player Jazzmaster single-coil
  • Vintage Style Synchronized Tremolo
  • Control Knobs: Jazz Bass Knobs

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