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Used Danelectro Cool Cat Drive CO-1 Version 1


I know.  You remember that Danelectro  line of guitar pedals from 15 years ago.  The ones with the cute, cliche names like "bacon and eggs" and "tuna melt", with cruddy plastic housing.  And...the names were more appealing than the sound. 

Don't you dare put this one in the same category.  The rumor is, these pedals were clones of the Fulltone OCD and thus stopped being produced.   This one comes with the original box and paperwork.  It might be the cutest thing on your pedal board.  You won't regret this one.

Tone thickening. Warm saturation.

The Cool Cat CO-1 Drive from Danelectro gives you a metal stomp box for the price of a plastic one. If you're finicky about tone, the Cool Cat will have you purring.


  • True Bypass (3PDT)
  • Metal case
  • Metal jacks
  • Controls:
  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Drive

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