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Used Menatone Red Snapper 2004 Transparent Overdrive White Edition


Are you looking for an overdrive that is transparent with silky smooth breakup? This super rare version of the Red Snapper OD is one of the coolest you can get! The knobs are simple but affective, and much more useful than the traditional controls of other famous drive pedals. Cut is a low-pass filter that cuts treble frequencies after the gain circuit. The bite knob boosts the upper mid range frequencies, as well as the overall gain. The gain and volume controls work as normal. According to forums, the circuit is said to be based on a Boss SD-1, but without the input and output buffers. There are some "gut shots" of the circuit included for anyone who cares to view them. Signed by Brian Mena and dated to 11/9/04. This awesome early botique overdrive pedal is a stylish, verstatile, gig ready solution to all of your pedal needs. Come by and try out the Red Snapper for yourself!

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