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Used Behringer SM200 Slow Motion Pedal


In great condition with original packaging . Has been tested and works as it should.


In a world where faster is all the rage, nothing stands out like a slow, deliberate melody. Chill out your hottest licks with the SLOW MOTION SM200!

Smooth Talker

Plug into the SM200 and play one of your favorite licks. Each note slowly swells to its full volume—the same effect you get when you turn down the volume, pick the note and gradually turn the volume back up. But the SM200 does it automatically and much more consistently. Chords with string-bends are magically transformed into pedal-steel chops and single-note passages take on the characteristic sound of a violin or cello being bowed. And if you really want to warp some minds, combine the SM200 with our Digital Delay DD600 and mimic the sound of your hottest licks being played backwards!

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