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Used Benson Amps Germanium Fuzz Pedal


 Whether you're in the depths of a polar plunge, rural farmlands, or rockin' on the sun, this temperature-controlled Fuzz will keep your tone cool as can be. Making the best of a temperamental chipset, Chris Benson's genius solid-state thermostat technology, impedance knob, and "Class A buffer" creates a sturdy platform for liquid gold sounds. 

Comes with the original box! In excellent working order and great cosmetic condition. 

From Benson: "The Germanium Fuzz is a fuzz pedal. The knobs change the sounds. IMPORTANT: after plugging it into power (9vdc only), it will take 2-3 minutes on average to sound correct. Good time to tune your guitar and grab a beverage. The color of the LED indicator light might change. Don’t turn the internal trimmer. THAT’S IT."

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