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Used Boss MIJ DS-1 Distortion


Works perfectly and all knobs function as they should. Taken care of and is in great condition for being an older boss pedal.


The Boss DS-1 needs no introduction. It's the most iconic Boss pedal and one of the most recognisable pedals in existance. It's a right of passage to own a DS-1 as a guitarist, and nearly everyone has a story about theirs first. 

Versions made before 1994 use the original Toshiba TA7136AP IC and are considered to be the best sounding pedals. This chip was changed twice more before settling on the current circuit produced today. 

The DS-1 features a Level knob that increases the output volume of the pedal and an Distortion knob controls the intensity of the effect, along with a Tone knob to control the frequency. 

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