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Carl's Custom Guitars

Used Carl's Custom Guitars Speaker Soak 16 Ohm Attenuator


Used with sharpie markings on top and bottom and some marking and scratches on faceplate. Otherwise in good condition and working order. 16 OHMS


"Ahhhh, the long suffering quest for that PERFECT guitar tone!  So many factors play into finding one's own signature sound, but there's one thing that we all agree on: guitar amps sound best when turned up LOUD! That is when we really start to hear all the richest harmonic overtones and feel the most dynamic response from the power tubes, in a perfect world we would always be able to run our amps wide open but sadly such is not the case so we compromise and compensate and no matter WHAT it never sounds the same as that CRANKED amplifier...well, compromise no more, Carl's Custom Guitar's Speaker Soak allows you to dial in your favorite full volume tones and then attenuate the volume (without losing that great tone!) before it hits the speakers, all the way down to safe "bedroom" volumes if need be, simply insert this device between your amplifier's speaker output and the speaker itself (out from amp's speaker output into IN on the Speaker Soak, OUT from Speaker Soak to the speaker using speaker cables) turn the Speaker Soak up all the way, dial in your favorite full volume sound and then rolllllllll back the volume on the Speaker Soak, preserving all that rich tone without deafening your bandmates (or driving your significant other/neighbors crazy!), a must have for any guitarist who does not have the luxury of being to run their rig at full volume all the time!"

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