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Dean Zelinsky

Used Dean Zelinsky Dellaterra with Upgrades and Tweed Case


Okay, I too was skeptical of the Z-Glide.  I played it, didn't like it and walked away.  But, I kept coming back to it.  What is it that kept pulling me back like a magnet?  I started showing it to friends and customers and everyone had the same reaction.  But, then they started calling me about it and asking me more about the guitar.  Yeah, it's weird but it grows on you and you kinda crave it.  

This one was traded in by a loyal Z-Glide customer who has several of them.  Please the build sheet in the pictures to see the custom options for this guitar (note, the guitar image is a different color).  Buy "gently used" and save some dough.  There is some slight buckle marks that are very difficult to photo on the back of the instrument.  It looks like very small indentations that can only be seen when catching the light.

Weighs: 7.10

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