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Used DeArmond Hollowbody X-155 w/Case


Designed by Fender and made in Korea between 1998-2001, the Dearmond X-155 takes the legacy of the classic guitar and pickup company into the 21st century. The Dearmond pickups have all the unique character of the vintage pickups from the 40's and 50's (with less noise). This instrument is perfect for Jazz, but also excels at Blues, Rock, and is especially fun for Rockabilly, Country, and Chet Atkins-style fingerpicking.

This is a used instrument, and does have some light scratching throughout, mostly on the back. The frets have some very slight wear on the first 5 frets of the treble strings. This does not effect playability or intonation whatsoever. The neck feels great and the afformentioned US-made Dearmond pickups sound super cool! Comes with original hardcase and weighs 7 lb 2 oz.

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