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Used Digitech Luxe Anti-Chorus Compact Polphyonic Detune Pedal w/Original Box


If you're looking for a way to thicken up your tone without adding the weird warbling effect you get with a chorus or a flanger, then you've got to check out the DigiTech Luxe. The Luxe is a brilliantly simple unison pedal that lets you blend a slightly detuned version of the input with the dry signal to create a constant thickening sound similar to the studio technique of double tracking. The Luxe features a true-hardwire bypass, brightly lit red LED, and controls for level and detune. Level adjusts the mix ratio of your dry signal to the detune signal (setting it at 12 o’clock splits it in half), and detune lets you adjust the range of detune +/-50 cents.

Some minor cosmetic scratching throughout pedal, but pots are clean and pedal is fully functioning. Comes with original box in fair condition.

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