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Used Electro Harmonix H.O.G Harmonic Octave Generator


Rust Stain on the front of unit but its functions perfectly.

Comes with power supply and expression pedal.

Indulge your senses! The award winning HOG (Harmonic Octave Generator) is a totally polyphonic guitar synthesizer offering complete control of up to 10 interval pitches. NO glitches and NO special pickup needed. Generate extreme sub bass to powerful multi-octave chords. Convert your 6 string into a 12 string, create a realistic B3 organ. Amazing on guitar but works well with any instrument.

  • Flawless polyphonic glitch-free tracking across the entire range!
  • Controllable harmonic intervals: -2 octaves, -1 octave, Original note, +5th, +1 octave, +1 octave +5th, +2 octaves, +2 octaves + 3rd, +3 octaves, +4 octaves.
  • Works directly from your instrument's output
  • Expression pedal (optional) with 7 selectable expression modes: +/- 1 octave and 1 step pitch bend, freeze + gliss, volume, wah and filter frequency
  • Pitch Bend expression mode turns the HOG into a whammy pedal
  • Freeze expression mode is a new guitar effect never heard before. Freeze allows the musician to freeze a note or chord so you can play over it or slide to new notes just like a keyboardist would do when using portamento
  • Dedicated resonant filtering with sweepable frequency control
  • Amplitude envelope control allowing the musician to lengthen a note's attack, for swell effects, or to increase a note's decay speed
  • Separate lower and upper harmonic region amplitude envelopes
  • MIDI in allows expression control using MIDI pitch bend

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