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Used Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue Real Duncan


A favorite of Heart's Nancy Wilson and The Kinks' Dave Davies, the Epiphone Nighthawk takes classic Gibson guitar design ideas and creates something truly unique.

The bridge pickup was upgraded to a Seymour Duncan SH4NH Slant Bridge pickup NHT humbucker. Angling the pickup exentuates the tonal spectrum, making the bass notes darker and the treble notes brighter. The unique tonal options are further expanded by a NHR mini-humbucker in the neck and an NSX single-coil in the middle.

This instrument has been upgraded with a custom bone nut. It doesn't fit completely flush against the route on the bass side, but it's completely stable an functions perfectly. The knobs have also been upgraded. There is also a pair of small finish blemishes where the fretboard binding meets the headstock. This is from the factory and is a common thing on Epiphone guitars with this type of binding. Comes with Epiphone Gigbag and weighs 6 lb 14 oz.

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