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Used EVH 5150 Iconic Series 80-Watt Tube Guitar Head Ivory


 The EVH 5150 Iconic Series satisfies the needs of gigging and recording guitarists craving that powerful EVH tube tone, but at a more affordable price. Evolving from the revered EVH 5150III amplifiers, the Iconic Series delivers the searing sound and growling gain that Eddie Van Halen made famous throughout his groundbreaking career.

Designed by renowned amp engineer, James Brown, the 5150 Iconic Series 80-watt amp is powered by two 6L6 power tubes and voiced by a complex, multi-stage hybrid preamp section anchored by a duet of ECC83 tubes providing all the fire power the modern guitarist needs. 

This amp is AWESOME!! There are some very small blemishes on this amp (as pictured). Nothing gory, it was clear that this amp was treated with respect. Scalabale power, DI XLR out. Comes with the original footswitch. Serious gain on tap, and the onboard noise-gate is a lifesaver. If you're looking to tackle anything heavy music related, this head will do the trick. A hit at the shop, we hope you enjoy this head as much as we have. 

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