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Used EVH 5150III LBX 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head


In great condition and functions perfectly. From a light bite to full on high gain this amp has a wide range of possibilities. In a tiny package too! Comes with EVH bag and footswitch. 

Huge Legendary Tone in a Lunchbox Amp

This minute monster gives you the same Crunch and Full Burn channels as its bigger brothers. And you can even simulate Ed's variac trick with the power switch, taking the amp down to 3-3/4 watts. Compared with some amps trying to be all things to all people, the EVH 5150 III LBX's hard-rocking sound is a blast of fresh air.

Gets you closer to the fabled Brown sound

Eddie's Brown sound may be one of the most sought-after tones of all time. You get a head start on capturing that famous sound with the EVH 5150 III LBX, an amp designed in partnership with the man himself. You'll find both the Crunch and Full Burn channels from the larger 5150 III designs. And at 15 or 3-3/4 watts, you can take those larger-than-life sounds to the stage or jam in your own home.

In great condition 

15 all-tube watts with a 1/4 power switch

Get a mammoth rocking guitar tone, but with all the convenience of a lunchbox sized amp head that pushes 15 or 4 watts. There is no denying the power and glory of a screaming high-wattage amplifier head. But that design is simply not a viable option a lot of the time. EVH has found a way to get the punch of their famed 5150 III amps into this EL84-loaded amp. Fifteen watts is great for almost any gig, but run the amp at 3-3/4 watts when you're rocking out at home and near a more ear-friendly playing volume.

Built to rock hard

There are a million low-watt amps with great clean channels out there. But this is the only one designed around Eddie Van Halen's genre-defining rock tones. But if a cleaner shade is something you're looking for, don't despair. Both channels clean up unbelievably well with a simple twist of your guitar's volume knob. Even when playing through mountains of gain, its touch sensitivity and control are out of this world.

EVH 5150 III LBX 15-watt Tube Amp Head Features:

  • 15-watt high-gain tube amplifier designed around the Van Halen sound
  • 15- and 3-3/4-watt performance for getting cranked tones at different volumes
  • 2 footswitchable dirty channels: Crunch and Full Burn
  • Footswitch included
  • EL84 power tubes
  • Effects loop

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