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Used Fender 72 Tele Thinline Natural 2004


These guitars have always been great sellers for Fender, especially in natural.    This one was made in 2004 and despite it's age it doesn't have a lot of wear from play.  It does however have an issue with the clear coat on the headstock.  It appears it took an impact to the top of the headstock causing some cracking and lifting for the layer of clear coat.  It is missing some clear coat at the impact site and at the G tuner.  The clear coat at the B and high E tuner also show some "bubbling" (smooth to touch but has the bubble appearance).  The Fender logo also has some discoloration due to this issue as well.  The photo of the headstock provides a true view of how it appears.  There are also a few dings that are highlighted in the photos and a minor scuffing pictured as well.  That all being said, there is nothing structurally wrong with the instrument.  In fact, the neck is straight and the truss rod works perfect.   The frets are in really great shape and the pickups rip.  If you don't mind a few cosmetic issues, this one is for you.   

Weighs in at 7 lbs

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