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Used Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass Fretless Black w/Case 1999


That there is a 1999 Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass Fretless.  This one has gotten played but was definitely treated well over it's 22 years.  Red fret markers were added at some point to the neck.  There are lots of scratches throughout the instrument, with a couple good ones on the back and one on the lower front.  There is also a ding on the bottom of the instrument near the control plate (pictured).  The neck doesn't have any dings and has a smooth feel.  The fretboard does have a little wear on it and it looks like maybe the player had round wound strings on there at some point (left a little swirling on the E).  There is also a mysterious spot on the board near the nut that looks like a dent but it isn't.  Not too sure what to call that.  In any case, it doesn't affect playability.  Again, this guitar didn't sit in the case, it was actively played.  

8lbs 5.8oz

- American-made in 1999
- Active electronics
- Two Fender, single coil pickups (original)
- Three band EQ
- Original hardshell case with 2 extra pickguards

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