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Used Fender American Vintage Reissue '65 Stratocaster 2017 w/ Case


In amazing condition this guitar looks like it was barely played. Has been Plek'd by the previous owner ( A Plek is a computer controlled fret leveling tool, which in the hands of an experienced tech, can provide an unparalleled fret job. It levels frets with an accuracy of . 001″, assists in the process of making nuts, and offers extremely advanced setup functions.) so it plays like a dream. Comes with Original Hardshell case.

Weighs in at 8 lbs 1.8 oz.

For the guitarist who craves pure vintage Fender style, the American Vintage series presents original-era model year guitars built with meticulous attention to accurate detail that bring Fender history and heritage to authentic and exciting new life. Relive the sound and spirit of 1965 with the American Vintage '65 Stratocaster. Smack in the middle of one of music's most electrifying decades, the Stratocaster in 1965 was an instrument on its way to becoming rock's greatest electric guitar. Built with original tooling and based directly on actual 1965 models we tracked down, this U.S.-made guitar returns you to a pivotal period when the Strat® was poised to soar to phenomenal new heights.

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