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Used Fender Artist Series Jimi Hendrix Tribute 1997 Stratocaster w/Hard Case


There are few artists that are as connected to the Fender Stratocaster as Jimi Hendrix. He lit up the stage (literally and figuratively) with his army of upside down Fender Strats. Want to pay tribute to one of the greatest left-handed guitarists of all time even though you're a righty? Then this Fender Jimi Hendrix strat is for you! Made in the USA in 1997, this has all of the classic Hendrix left-handed appointments in a right-handed guitar. The reverse maple neck switches the string tension so that the high strings are lighter and the bass strings are tighter. The angeled bridge pickup has a similar effect, increasing the treble content of the low strings and making the high strings bassier. The aesthetic of the instrument is capped off with an etching of Jimi on the neck plate. Does Jimi's spirit haunt this guitar? Probably not, but that doesn't mean you can't keep his legacy alive with this legendary axe!

The instrument is in near immaculate condition. The frets have no divots, the finish is free from any marks or dings. This beauty is basically in the same shape it was when it came out of the factory in. The neck feels great, and the pickups sound fantastic. Comes in a hard case with a strap and all the original case candy. Weighs 8 lb 

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