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Used Fender Bullet 1 1981 w/Fender Case


The 80's were an interesting time in Fender history and the Bullet 1 is a prime example of that.  The guitar was modeled after a thinner bodied Telecaster with Duo-Sonic pickups.  The pikguard is made of metal and houses the bridge saddles.  This guitar was traded in by a collector and has been case kept.  The neck is really nice and has a heavy gloss on it, similar to many 1980's Fender guitars.  It is straight and the truss rod works as it should, there are no dings on the neck and it is super smooth.  The pickups are clean and work as they should with no static or noise.  The body does have a small ding that you can see in the photos.  The pickguard is bright white but does have a little metal bubbling in some places but is very difficult to get a photo of.  The pickguard does have a tiny bit of missing paint near the saddles, see photos.  There are some fine finish scratches on the body but nothing you wouldn't expect from a 40 year old guitar.  

Weighs in at 8 lbs 7.6 oz.

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