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Used Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb Amp


Kept in very good condition, only signs of wear are some slight discoloration in the grill cloth and a couple dings in the tolex. Otherwise amp sounds great and really has a creamy warm tone to it. Comes with cover.

Turn it up when you want to soar, or turn your guitar down to play clean with the super-responsive, all-tube Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb-Amp Combo. The more dynamic your style, the more you'll love the Custom Vibrolux Reverb's ability to whisper or scream in reply to changes in your pick attack. Connoisseurs call this combo amplifier the "Little Vibro-King!"

40W is loud enough for any club, and provides just the right punch in the studio, too. Clean, the Custom Vibrolux is punchy and full. With distortion, its punchy bass and horn-like midrange make this amp ideal for sustained and scorching solos.

Both channels (Normal, Bright) have access to the tube reverb and vibrato.
The Custom Vibrolux Reverb-Amp Combo was designed in the Fender Amp Custom Shop and built on the regular tube amp line in the U.S.


  • 40W tube power
  • 2 x 10" Jensen P10R speakers with alnico magnets
  • 2 independent channels (Normal and Bright)
  • Reverb (both channels)
  • Vibrato (both channels)
  • External speaker jack (4 ohms)
  • Tilt-back legs
  • Made in the U.S.

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