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Used Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass w/gig bag 2021


Do you love Geddy Lee? Then you're going to want to Rush and purchase this Jazz Bass before it's gone! This one came in through to us via trade.  It's a 2021 with very few miles on it.  The bass plays great and the neck has that silky smooth gloss neck. Includes gig bag and weighs in at 9lb 6oz.  No dings, dents or scratches worth noting.  

The Geddy Lee Jazz Bass is an exact replica of the tonally singular instrument that Rush's revered bassist/vocalist has riffed away on in front of millions of devoted fans worldwide and on many a mega-selling album. Lee remains an acclaimed and enormously influential bassist and, with mean, mean stride, his best-selling and elegantly styled signature model makes your tone crackle with life and bristle with the energy, with massive low end, guttural midrange and crystal-clear highs.

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