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Used Gibson Les Paul Studio in Fireburst with Hardshell Case


Gorgeous Les Paul Studio Fireburst we got here. Set up great and sounds sweet with two classic Alnico Humbuckers. In solid condition with only a few small marks. Comes with hardshell case.

From Gibson:

Full Description

No matter where Gibson Les Paul is seen - in the hands of a star performer, silhouetted in a guitar dealer's ad, or cast in brass and incorporated into the architecture of a restaurant - it is universally recognized as the symbol of rock and roll music. From the basic no-frills guitars to elegant showpieces, the guitars of Les Paul are the standard-bearers of Gibson's excellence.

50s Rounded Neck Profile

No guitar neck profiles are more distinguishable than the neck profiles employed on the Gibson models of today. The more traditional 50s neck profile found on the Les Paul Studio is the thicker, rounder profile, emulating the neck shapes of the iconic 1958 and 1959 Les Paul Standards.

Gibsons 490R and 498T Pickups

The mid to late 1960s saw the emergence of a very different type of music coming from the clubs of England. This new genre's players were demanding more powerful amplifiers with increased volume outputs to satisfy their sonic explorations. This led to a call for a more versatile pickup, and Gibson answered the call with the 490T and 490R pickups ('T' for treble, and 'R' for rhythm), humbuckers with the tonal characteristics of an original PAF, but with a slight increase in upper mid-range response.

The Gibson 498T bridge pickup is the 490s ideal complement. Taking the 490 one step further, the 498 swaps the Alnico II magnet to an Alnico V, thus making it slightly hotter with emphasis on mid-ranges and highs. The pole pieces on the 498T are also aligned a little further apart to accommodate the spacing of the strings at the bridge, which is different than the spacing of the strings at the neck.

Mahogany Back and Maple Top

There isnt anything more critical than the marriage of the Les Paul's mahogany back with a maple cap, as well as the regimen involved in selecting the right wood and the formula to dry it out. This guarantees tight-fitting joints and no expansion, and controls the shrinkage and warping of the woods, in addition to reducing the weight. It also improves the woods' machinability and finishing properties, and adherence to glue. Consistent moisture content means that a Gibson guitar will respond evenly to temperature and humidity changes long after it leaves the factory.



  • Body Style Les Paul Carved Top
  • Body Species Maple Top - Mahogany Back


  • Plating Finish: Gold
  • Tailpiece Gibson Stop Bar
  • Bridge Gibson Tune-O-Matic
  • Tuners Grover Kluson Style Green Keys


  • Neck Pickup 490R
  • Bridge Pickup 498T
  • Pickup Covers Yes
  • Controls 2 Volume - 2 Tone - 3-Way Toggle
  • Control Knobs Black Speed
  • Control Pocket Cover Black Molded
  • Special Features Quick-Connect Control Pocket Assembly


  • Species Mahogany
  • Nut Corian
  • Nut Width Standard Gibson: 1.695" +/- .050"
  • Headstock Inlay Gibson Logo
  • Silkscreen Gibson Logo + Les Paul Model
  • Truss Rod Gibson Adjustable Truss Rod
  • Truss Rod Cover Bell-shaped cover, stamped "Studio"


  • Fingerboard Species Rosewood (Ebony on Alpine White Finish)
  • Inlays Figured Acrylic Trapezoid (White Acrylic on Alpine White Finish)
  • Frets 22
  • Scale Length 24 - 3/4"

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