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Used Gibson Vintage S-1 Natural w/original case


This interesting piece came in via collector.  The single coil pickups were made by Bill Lawrence and have shockingly versatile tonal options.  The instrument does have it's share of wear on the body, neck and frets.  There are also scratches and two cracks on the edges of the pickguard.   The fretwear doesn't affect the playability on the instruments and each note rings through without issue.  The neck is straight and the truss rod works as it should.  Join Keith Richards, Carlos Santana, Ronnie Wood and many other notable players who rocked this model!


The body of the S-1 was broadly similar to the Marauder. It was
made of a solid Les Paul Jr-like body with a maple Flying V neck
bolted on. It was adorned with Schaller made "Harmonica" style
tune-o-matic bridge and the standard Gibson stopbar tailpiece.
However, the S-1 was unique in its elaborate electronics and wiring.
It featured three "see-thru" single-coil pickups designed by Bill
Lawrence, which could be used together to generate humbucking
sounds. The pickups were controlled by a combination of a toggle
switch and a "chicken head" rotary switch. The rotary switch had four positions which allowed different
selections of pickup combinations: 1) neck + middle, 2), middle +
bridge 3) all three together, and 4) neck and bridge out of phase. The
toggle switch bypassed the entire 4 position rotary switch circuit and
made one straight connection to the bridge pick-up.
Because of its unusual pickups and unique wiring scheme, the
instrument was capable of a wide range of distinctive sounds.

Weighs in at 7.6 lbs.

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