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Used Hotone Soul Press II


This Soul Press Pedal came into us used by a customer with all it's soul intact. This one comes in pretty much new condition with very few wear marks and also contains all the original packaging and box.

The Hotone Soul Press II Volume Expression Wah Pedal is here to put soul into your sound. Taking the classic drawl of the wah effect and loading it into a high-performance pedal, this is the gear you need to deliver deft dynamics on stage. We all know and love the wah effect, so what has Hotone done to improve on it? They've packed it with separate Volume and Expression effects, along with a combined Volume / Wah mode.

Together with upgraded internals to produce much less feedback and counter the "tone suck" which can happen on some wah pedals, there's a plethora of versatility to enjoy with this pedal. Get heel/toe control over your volume or hook up to another pedal and control its effect in the Expression mode - or switch it off altogether and let your signal flow pure thanks to the true bypass functionality. If you need a wah pedal with stellar performance and a few tricks up its sleeve, look no further.

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