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Used Hutchins Saffron Burn's Style Surf Guitar Vintage Inspired


This is one came in via trade and is a first for us.  We spent some time doing research on the company but don't have too much information to share.  Obviously, this guitar is vintage inspired with the Jaguar/Jazzmaster style tremolo and 3 P90 pickups.  The big surprise is the build quality on it.  The guitar has some substance at 8lbs 6oz.  Usually, these "vintage" style guitars weigh nothing because of cheap wood and hardware.   Not the case with this guitar.  The neck has a high gloss finish making for a nice smooth feel.  The truss rod works as it should and the neck is nice and straight.  The bridge saddles are adjustable for that perfect intonation.  The hardware is actual metal and not flimsy plastic like many knock-offs.  The pickups have a great tonal variation and the switch is a 5-way so you can get a variety of sounds.  There is a lot going well for this instrument, I just wish I had more information on the company.

Here is all I really found:

Hutchins Guitars is an independently owned artisan guitar company based in Sussex in the UK.

“We make great looking guitars, pieces of art that you can play“. Retro sexy is the idea behind the designs, these are modern guitars with a great sound and feel but with a nod to the classic designs of the past, especially the 1950s and 1960s. The whole team are avid lovers of the guitar as a piece of art, an object of beauty as well a fantastic instrument for artistic expression. Gary has collected classic electric guitars for many years and appreciate what they represent, the thought behind the design, the many varied sounds of the guitar and the image of the guitar hero as perceived in modern culture.

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