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Line 6

Used Line 6 Bass Pod Multi-Effect & Amp Modeler

Looking to supercharge your bass sound but don't like a bunch of pedals on the floor? Then the Line 6 Bass Pod Multi-Effect & Amp Modeler is all you need! There's a reason why Line 6 Pod effects processors are some of the most known in the world: Rugged form factor, wealth of great-sounding tones, and affordable price point. All three of these can be found in the Line 6 Bass Pod. Giving you control over EQ, effects, amp models, cabinets, as well as a built-in tuner and many other options, this is sure to be your one-stop shop for killer bass tones! 
The chassis is in great cosmetic condition and the Pod is fully functional. Everything works as it should, and it all sounds great! Comes with the original box and power supply.

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