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Line 6

Used Line 6 Pod Go w/ Box

The Line 6 POD Go pairs traditional controls with a large color LCD to let players interact with virtual amps, stomps, and cabs in new and meaningful ways. Whether you're running live effects into a stage amp, recording and re-amping through modeled amps and cabs, or outputting rich Helix-derived tones directly from the stage to the PA, the POD Go has you covered. The price and simplicity of the POD Go tailor this floor processor to players who have been on the fence about diving into the Line 6 ecosystem; despite boasting a premium HX Family sound library — the Blackface, Plexi Lead, Treadplate, and all your favorites are here — there's only a short learning curve standing between the POD Go and total integration with your rig. Who knows? Once you experience the freedom of gigging out with nothing but the guitar on your back and the Line 6 POD Go at your feet, you may never drag an amp out of your practice space again.

This was a pedalboard warrior for sure. There are a few velcro strips on the base of the unit, and the display screen is quite scratched. That being said, when the device is powered and the screen is lit up, the scratches do not effect operation. There are some other scratches and scuffs throughout, but the Pod functions perfectly. The selector switches and the volume/expression pedal works great. Comes with original box and power supply. Even the power supply has its box as well!

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