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Used Modtone Atomic Phaser


"The ModTone MT-PH Atomic Phaser is a buffered bypass boutique style pedal that recreates the sweeping articulate tones of classic phasers we all love. The ModTone Atomic Phaser proves that a simple 2 knob setup is all you need for a classic sweeping hypnotic effect! The MT-PH Atomic Phaser, like the whole family of ModTone pedals, features period correct vintage style components,  smooth linear taper pots ,high impact switches built for the floor and top quality jacks for optimum tonal transfer. Set this Phaser to stun!" 

This pedal is used in good shape. There are various scratches, nicks, and dings in the paint throughout. It sounds fantastic! Really nice vintage phase tone in a sturdy enclosure! Couldn't ask for more. Check it out.

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