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Used MXR M10 Auto Q Wah M120


In Great Condition! Has been tested and works as it should. Comes with  all original packaging and looks like it was barely used.

A wildly versatile and inspiring effect.

Possibly the best auto wah around. Instantly "funkifies" your sound especially when applied to sustained notes and chords. Incorporated into even the simplest rhythms and lead lines the Auto Q can create dramatic, counter-rhythmical textural effects. Volume, decay, "Q," and range controls provide for super-precision attenuation to accentuate even the subtlest nuances. Indestructible black metal housing. Controls and pointer knobs glow in the dark. DC 9V battery, AC wall adapter (ECB-003), or Dunlop DC power brick.


  • "Funkify" your sound
  • Volume, decay, "Q," and range control
  • Tough housing
  • Glow-in-the-dark markings

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