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Recovery Effects

Used Recovery Dirty Murals Original Version 1


Okay, testing used pedals should take 3 minutes and can sometimes be tedious.  This pedal proved quite the opposite.  In fact, I didn't get enough in that half-hour of weirdness.  This is one of those pedals I could spend hours getting lost in and enjoying every second.  Buyer beware: this thing is addicting! 


The Recovery Effects Dirty Murals is a natural sounding tape-like echo, with analog direct signal path. It sounds like a classic tape echo unit, and has advanced expression pedal options that can be utilized with a standard expression pedal, like the Moog EP-2.

The basic functions are delay time, feedback, mix, and drive. In addition to controlling the delay time and feedback with your expression pedal, you can toggle back and forth between the setting on the pedal and those on the expression pedal.

Dirty Murals is point-to-point hand-wired, with no printed circuit board. True bypass, chrome plated LED. lead-free solder, and U.S.A. parts whenever possible. It operates on a single 9 volt battery or industry standard negative center, 2.1 barrel regulated power supply. 

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