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Used Rocktron Banshee Talkbox


Looks to be almost brand new and never used. Comes with all original packaging. The Tube has not been used and is still in the plastic. We opened it up to make sure the pedal worked.

Rocktron’s Banshee Talk box is a unique device that provides the ability to let your music do the “talking”.  Words and phrases that you speak or sing while playing your guitar or keyboard will flow from your mouth, through the Banshee, out the Banshee tubing, into your microphone, and finally, out your amplification! 
The Banshee Talk Box contains its own internal preamp, amplifier, and horn driver.  Simply plug into the Banshee like you would any common stomp box, and run the provided tubing up along your microphone stand and into your mouth. The rest is up to your imagination as you create the most incredible sounds from your instrument.  The talk box has added awesome creative aspects to many recordings (and performances) for years.
The Banshee’s preamp section features controls for gain, tone and output level.  A wide range of clean and dirty preamp tones are possible with plenty of saturation for those who desire an abundance of gain.  Not only does the Banshee scream in the talkbox mode, but Rocktron has also included an extra jack for hookup with an extension pedal speaker.  Plugging a speaker cabinet to this output turns your pedal board into a practice setup with enough volume to do some serious cranking!

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