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SD Curlee

Used S.D. Curlee Bass 1970s w/ Hardshell Case


Made in Mattheson, IL in the 1970's the Curlee Bass had lots to offer for the price point.  These short scale basses were stocked with brass hardware, including Grover tuners, bridge and nut.  They also came with stock Dimarzio pickups, a huge upgrade for  competing USA 70's instruments.  If you know anything about these, the necks are always the issue as the nut was too long to make an adjustment.  We were lucky enough to know a tech who had been offered the night shift position at Curlee back in the 70's who took care of that.  The new nut is half the size, allowing adjustment with a Gibson wrench.  The neck is straight with no fretwear and plays effortlessly.  Grab yourself a piece of bass history!

Please see photos for wear and dings.   The case is original and smells VERY musty. 

Weighs in at 9 lbs 0.6 oz.

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