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Seymour Duncan

Used Seymour Duncan Wes Hauch Jupiter 6-String Set


These came into our shop via trade.  The set is in fine working order.  No mounting hardware included, just the pickups and box. 

Seymour Duncan Jupiter pickups are the brainchild of metal veteran Wes Hauch. When playing in Alluvialm The Faceless, and his other projects, Wes's forceful tone, impressive clarity, and nuanced articulation shine through the mix. But how does he manage this with such heavy distortion?  Wes Hauch and the team at Seymour Duncan came up with a high-output design with rail poles for an even response during bends. They're wound to promote clarity, even when distortion is applied liberally. When you put these pickups in your guitar, you'll notice they have a powerful mid-forward sound and an even response from string to string. Finally, Wes Hauch's Seymour Duncan Jupiter pickups come with 4-conductor wire for coil-splitting ability.

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