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Used Squier ST-335 Japan Black


This one came into our shop via trade.  If you are unfamiliar with the Japanese Squier's in the mid 80's, they are high-quality builds coming out of one of the World's most respected factories- Fujigen.  The guitar is in great shape for it's age and the neck is to die for.  The neck is smooth with a high gloss finish with a few minor dings, nothing worrysome or hinders play.  The body has several small dings and scratches but overall in nice shape.  The saddles have some oxidation and rust which you could expect from a guitar of this vintage.  The electronics are clean, the humbuckers rip and have a nice tonal variation.  The frets have some minor wear in on the G, B, High E on the first 3 frets.  Again, nothing that would hinder play, there is plenty of life left in them. 

Serial A018583, weighs in at 8lb 3oz.

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