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Used Squier Vista Series Venus Sunburst 1997 MIJ


This one was born on 4/15/1997 at Fender Japan and came our way via collector.  This is one awesome guitar that takes me back to flipping through the Fender Frontline Catalog in my senior year of high school. 

This one is in overall very good condition in relation to it's age and rarity.  

The good:  The neck is straight, plays great and the truss rod works as it should.  The electronics are clean and the pickups have nice tonal variation.   The frets have some minor wear in the first position but have plenty of life.  The guitar appears to be completely original.  

The not-so-good:  She has sustained some dings.  There are scuffs, dings, dents, scratches throughout.  It is not museum quality to say the least.  There is a ding on the back of the neck at the 6th fret.  It's not too bad but worth noting.  If a worn guitar is going to bother you, pass on this one.

Overall- It's a sweet guitar that plays great and sounds even better.  Fender Japan didn't skimp, it's a really nice piece and the neck is butter.

These are pretty rare guitars and were co-designed by Courtney Love and have a pretty cool story:

The Squier Venus (commonly known as Fender Vista Venus) is a signature series guitar released in 1997 and co-designed by Courtney Love in conjunction with Fender's Squier brand, under the Vista series.  At the time of its release, Love and Bonnie Raitt were the only two female musicians to have their own signature series of guitars.

Its shape was based on Mercury, Stratocaster and Rickenbacker solid-body guitars. It was released in two configurations, six or twelve string (the Venus XII). Colors available included black, sunburst and surf green. Surf green was named after paint code #57 (surf green) from Chevrolet c. 1957.[ Upon its original release, the Venus retailed for US$699.99 and the Venus XII for $999.99. It was discontinued at the end of 1998. Shirley Manson from Garbage played a pink Squier Venus live. Ryan Jarman from UK band The Cribs, a friend of Love's, used the surf green version of the guitar as his main instrument between 2011 and 2015.

Weighs in at 6 lbs 15.4 oz.

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