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Used Supro 1575JB Black Holiday

Based on Supro's vintage res-o-glass guitar designs, the Supro Americana Series Black Holiday semi-hollow electric guitar combines the best of vintage appeal with modern craftsmanship. The semi-hollow mahogany back is topped with Acousti-glass, creating a swampy tone that loves distortion. Dual Vistatone pickups and '50s wiring deliver the iconic sound that put Supro on the map. Whether you've always wanted a vintage Supro guitar, or are simply looking for an alternative to typical guitar designs, the Black Holiday will exceed your expectations.

Originally designed for Valco by Ralph Keller in the 1950s, Supro's Visatone single-coil pickups can be found in vintage Supro, National and Airline guitars. They pack plenty of midrange punch, with detail and clarity that remains when you roll your volume back (thanks to the '50s-style wiring scheme). And Supro paid special attention to the Black Holiday's tone circuit, tuning it for maximum usable range whether clean or overdriven.
What sets these Supro Americana Series Black Holiday guitars apart from their ancestors are the modern-day construction techniques that are deployed in their creation. For example, the mahogany neck is attached to the body with a redesigned two-bolt neck joint that maximizes contact and vibrational transfer, with minimal hardware.

This came into us as a used instrument, but lemme tell ya, it's practically brand new. The pickups still have the protective plastic cover on them! There are no noticeable scuffs, scratches, or dings. The frets are in great shape, and the neck feels great. The pickups have a unique, spanky tone that's perfect for Rock and Blues, but will sound great no matter what genre. This is the perfect instrument for someone looking for a cool, vintage-inspired tone with a new twist! Weighs 7 lb 2 oz.
  • Vintage Supro body design
  • Jet Black finish
  • Redesigned two-bolt neck joint
  • Vintage-correct Vistatone pickups
  • 50's-wiring volume and tone controls
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Art Deco stairstep tailpiece  
  • Acousti-glass top
  • Semi-hollow mahogany back
  • Mahogany neck with dot inlays

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