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TC Electronic

Used TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus Pedal


 This one came in via trade, no box.  The pedal is clean but does have some smudging and scratches that didn't come out after a good wipe down.  This one is ready to go!


Lush '80s-style Chorus Pedal

If you're a fan of that rich '80s clean tone, the TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus is a must-have for your pedalboard. The 3rd Dimension pedal adds a gorgeous, lush, "motionless" chorus effect to your tone that will enhance your performance in myriad ways. And the designers at TC Electronic made sure this pedal responds to your unique playing style and dynamics. The 3rd Dimension obliges when you dig in or when you lay back. And you will be blown away — as we are here at Sweetwater — by its knob-free design. That's right: this beauty features zero knobs. Instead, the 3rd Dimension was designed with four preset buttons that move your tone along a range, spanning just a kiss of chorus to a full-on waterfall! With this quartet of buttons, you can conjure up to 16 different presets through combining each button in whatever ways fit your style for particular songs. So grab the 3rd Dimension Chorus and go to new places in your sonic adventures!

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