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Walrus Audio

Used Walrus Audio Vanguard Dual Phase


Works perfectly, comes with original box.


The Walrus Audio Vanguard boasts two phasers that are ideal for exemplary tone funkery. The pedal can do everything from traditional phasing to double-phased sonic insanity, and all that lies in-between. Its front panel features dedicated controls for dry mix, rate, depth, regen, and wet mix for the first phaser, and rate, depth, tweak, and a three-position switch for the 10, 4, and 6 stages comprising the second phaser. Users can also save and recall up to three presets. 


  • Blend between two phaser types for unheard of textures!
  • Three selectable modes to shape the series phaser
  • 10-Stage with regeneration, 6-stage with pitch bend, and a 4-stage filter
  • eight controls in total
  • Single phaser usage available
  • Input for remote controller or an expression pedal

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