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Used Yamaha FS-TA Acoustic Electric w/ Hardcase

Wish your acoustic guitar had a little more pizzazz? How about built-in effects that work acoustically as well? Then the Yamaha FS-TA is the instrument for you! Featuring Yamaha's proprietary TransAcoustic pickup system, you can control the amount of volume, reverb, and chorus your signal gets, even when the guitar is unplugged! How does it work? Well, I don't really want to spoil it for you... But there appears to be a little speaker in the body that plays the effected signal when one of the effects is engaged. May have ruined the trick but I assure you it doesn't ruin the fun of playing the Yamaha FS-TA! Give your acoustic playing a whole dimension today!

The guitar is well worn, with several dings, gashes, and scratches, all photographed below. Despite these mostly cosmetic flaws, the guitar feels comfortable to play and sounds fantastic. The neck is in good shape and the frets are fantastic. The pickup system is fully functional, with the acoustic reverb and chorus working as well. Includes hardcase and weighs 4 lb 13 oz.

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