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Used Yamaha Motion B Bass


Yamaha's Motion Bass series was a compact sized set of bass guitars that were made in the mid to early 80s. The Motion B is a full sized, 24 fret bass with a shorter 32" scale length. 

This one, weathered by years of passionate playing, carries the marks of its journey with pride. Its once sleek and glossy finish now bears the scars of countless gigs, rehearsals, and late-night jam sessions. The body, once pristine, now showcases a myriad of scratches, dings, and chips, each telling a story of its own.  Please see the photos for an overall idea of the instrument's condition.

The fretboard exudes a seasoned charm. The frets themselves still retain their functionality, testament to the enduring quality of Yamaha craftsmanship.

The pickups continue to deliver the signature punchy tones that have defined the Yamaha Motion Bass series.  Despite the wear and tear, the instrument's electronics remain steadfast, faithfully transmitting every note, every riff, with clarity and precision.  The neck pickup is missing two screws and one on the bridge is well rusted.

Yet, despite its weathered appearance, this instrument remains a true workhorse, ready to deliver powerful bass lines and grooves at a moment's notice. Its scars are not signs of weakness, but badges of honor, earned through years of dedication and musical exploration. 

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