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Carl Martin

Used Carl Martin Plexitone Lo-Gain Overdrive Pedal


"The Carl Martin Plexitone Lo Gain pedal has a less is more mindset, whether you want to push your amp's natural overdrive into the sweet spot or give a little extra color to your tone. This pedal will make single coils sing and give humbuckers an extra punch. Stack it with your other pedals to give an extra boost and smooth out your overdrive with the Plexi character." 

This pedal is a great add to the toolkit. With a lower gain-tolerance than it's older brother (non lo-gain version), this pedal is voiced after a Marshall Plexi JTM45. This amp has been used by everyone from Hendrix to Angus Young. The 'Plexi' sound has a great heritage behind it, and this pedal is a one way track to capturing it on your pedalboard!  

This pedal is in solid cosmetic condition, and has a strip of velcro on the back. This pedal is in a standard format, and will fit on most pedalboards just fine. This is the secret to true rock n' roll tone! Enjoy.

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