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Neck and string height adjustment, intonation, fretboard conditioning and cleaning, pickup height adjustment, polishing, and any other necessary maintenance.





An instrument refresh! New strings and a cleaned and polished body and fretboard.

Instrument Repair Price Guide:

A Sound Education is home to Mike Doerr, our dedicated full-time guitar technician. Mike has been providing customers with service they can count on for over 20 years. Whether you're in need of a simple restring or a complex repair, Mike will assure your instrument is playing at its best. His services include:

  • Electronics Repair: $25/Per component (Jacks, Switches, Potentiometers). A surcharge will be put in place for Semi-Hollow/ Hollow-body guitars.
  • Pickup Install: $45/Per Pickup. Replacement and fitting of new electric guitar pickups.
  • Strap Button Install: $5/per button.
  • Complete Electronics Re-wire: Starting at $95, a surcharge will be put in place for Semi-Hollow/ Hollow-body guitars.

If an instrument is being checked in for repair work, we recommend a case or gig bag to store it in.

Should your band or orchestra instrument be in need of service, we can handle a small adjustment or string replacement. But, if your instrument needs a re-pad or complete overhaul, we have an outside technician who can provide a free estimate before any work is performed. Feel free to email, stop in or give us a call to discuss.

We do not offer repair services for amplifiers, effects pedals, or pro audio equipment, but are happy to recommend someone!

For any questions about services not listed above, shoot us an email or call us at 708-485-5074.

Warranty Repairs:

Should an instrument you purchased from us need service under manufacturer's warranty, we are here to help. We are an authorized service center for Fender, Squier, Gretsch, Charvel, EVH, and Yamaha. Please email with all inquiries.