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Ibanez Talman Standard Series TMB100 Ivory Electric Bass


The Ibanez TMB100 Talman bass guitar combines vintage style with modern versatility. This poplar-bodied bass features a maple neck and jatoba fretboard, providing a solid foundation for technique and tone. The TMB100's dual pickups—an Ibanez DXP neck pickup and DXJ bridge pickup—produce a range of classic sounds from warm and punchy to bright and articulate. Shape your tone further with the custom 2-band active EQ and standard bridge. Whether you're a beginner searching for an affordable, easy-playing bass or a pro needing a backup, the TMB100 delivers.

DXP and DXJ Pickups Provide a Spectrum of Tone

The TMB100's passive P/J pickup configuration grants access to a variety of bass tones. The DXP neck pickup produces a round, full sound ideal for rock and pop. The DXJ bridge pickup adds a touch of brightness and clarity well-suited to jazz, funk and slap styles. Blend the pickups together for the perfect balance of lows and highs. This tonal versatility makes the TMB100 suitable for any genre.

Slim, Comfortable Neck Profile

The TMB100's maple neck and jatoba fretboard combine for a slim, fast-playing neck profile. Its C-shape design and medium frets allow for comfortable playability across all 20 frets. Whether you prefer fingerstyle or pick playing, the TMB100's neck provides an ideal surface for technique and speed.

2-Band EQ Provides Enhanced Tonal Control

Shape your tone with the TMB100's custom 2-band active EQ. The bass control boosts low-end warmth and punch. The treble control adds clarity and definition to the higher frequencies. With a simple turn of these EQ knobs, you can transform the TMB100's sound to suit any song or style.

Classic Style, Modern Playability

The TMB100's retro-inspired body design gives a nod to classic Ibanez basses of the past. Its contoured shape, tortoiseshell pickguard and chrome hardware evoke a vintage vibe, while its light weight, slim neck and cutaway provide thoroughly modern playability and comfort. Whether on stage or in the studio, the TMB100's blend of style and substance inspires.

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