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Used Fender 1990 Eric Clapton Artist Series Stratocaster Pewter Fralin Pickups w/DLX Hard Case


The 1990 Eric Clapton Artist Series Strat was one of the 1st U.S. made artist models manufactured following Fender's purchase from CBS in 1986. This is a unique one! 

This guitar has a soft “V’ shaped maple neck with skunk stripe down the back. It has a nice maple fingerboard with black dot inlays and a 1 5/8” nut. The vintage-style nickel tuners are in good shape. The 6-point trem has been blocked, and while the bar is included, it is not usable as it is setup. 

Now for the modifications: this guitar may look different from other Claptons you've seen before. That's because its pickguard assembly has been totally swapped out. It now sports a stylish gold anodized PG and Lindy Fralin Pickups (from our knowledge). We have included as many photos of the interior as possible. Please message to correct if we are wrong, always helpful! This guitar includes a modern Fender Deluxe Molded Hardshell case.

Other than the mods, this guitar is in original conditon, and looks great after almost 35 years. The pewter gray has a subtle sparkle, and is extremely uncommon to see in the modern Fender catalogue. This guitar has a few blemishes as pictured, but other than that its in excellent shape. The Fralins sound great. 

Comes with all of the original case candy! Including an awesome Fender bumper sticker... worth the price of admission. This one weighs 8LBS 4.4oz! Check it out.

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