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Dunlop Cry Baby Daredevil Fuzz Wah Effects Pedal

Dunlop's Cry Baby Daredevil Fuzz Wah fuses the sweet and expressive voice of a modded Cry Baby with a gnarly custom fuzz circuit for a full palette of raw and aggressive tones. This pedal’s origin lies in Daredevil proprietor and builder Johnny Wator’s love for classic vintage circuits and the desire to create bold new sounds. Inspired by his personal wah-wielding guitar heroes, Johnny fine-tuned this circuit over several years, building them for friends and bandmates, before bringing it to Dunlop for consideration as a new addition to the lineup. 

The Cry Baby Daredevil Fuzz Wah is the resulting collaboration, and in true Daredevil fashion, it’s straightforward and downright dirty. The only external control is a heavy-duty baseball bat switch to toggle the fuzz on and off. Removing the bottom plate reveals two more controls: one to set the pedal’s output when the fuzz is engaged and another to dial in your preferred level of fuzz nastiness. For instant lead tone, boost both the output and gain—in one step, you’re ready to rip. This fuzz wah is packed with killer old-school tones and enough power to blow the whole room to pieces.
  • Vintage crinkle finish base
  • Polished aluminum rocker top
  • Custom design tread
  • Thru-hole components
  • True-bypass switching

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