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MXR M242 Iso Brick Pro Power Supply Isolated Pedal Power


The MXR Iso-Brick Pro Power Supply delivers clean, steady voltages to a diverse range of pedal types in a sleek form factor so that you can confidently power your entire board without any extra bulk.

Every one of the MXR Iso-Brick Pro Power Supply’s outputs is fully isolated to preserve signal purity and cut out environmental noise. Catering to an array of power requirements, this unit offers six fixed outputs—two 9V DC at 500mA and four 9V DC at 300mA—and two switchable 9/12/18V DC outputs at 500mA. Even high-demand multi-effects units are covered, with a dedicated 9V DC output at 1.5A for units such as the Line 6 HX Effects processor and HX Stomp amp/processor.

Expanding your setup? The MXR Iso-Brick Pro features a dedicated 18V DC link output at 2.0A so that you can seamlessly connect to a secondary power source such as the MXR Iso-Brick Power Supply or the MXR Iso-Brick Mini Power Supply.


With its compact, lightweight design, the MXR Iso-Brick Pro Power Supply is perfectly sized to fit under most Pedaltrain pedalboards—and it comes with all the mounting brackets and screws you need to set it up.


The MXR Iso-Brick Pro Power Supply will keep your effects pedals running smoothly and quietly, and its slim-yet-robust construction allows you to keep space open for all of your favorite pedals—whether low-powered analog overdrives or high-powered digital multi-effects processors. Power up with the MXR Iso-Brick Pro Power Supply.

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